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What Is Stock Photography? Photography is considered to be an art form. Just like any form of art, photography can also be broken down into several different categories. A few of the most common types of photography would be documentary, photojournalism, and formal photography. The most common type of photography that majority of the people see on a regular basis would be stock photography. This is the kind of photography that can be seen almost anywhere at any given time, regardless of whatever you are doing. What is stock photography and where do you often see it? Image storage banks are the best way to describe stock photography and they are usually placed in commercial spaces that ads are to be put up when companies rent the space. The thing with stock photography is that it is far cheaper than having to get a photographer to take professional photos. Do not worry because these pictures are still taken by a professional but there is no main purpose other than being placed on a catalog and purchased by those who need stock photographs. People are skeptical about the idea of using someone else’s photographs for their ad because it is seldom okay for a person to let others benefit from their work of art. It is very much like using a certain song for your work and paying the artist for it. There are some people that are far to cheap to pay for such photos so they go ahead and take them from illegal sharing sites. Photographers are saddened by this since they no longer get the extra pay. You might have observed that photographs have signatures somewhere in one corner and this is called a watermark created to protect the ownership of the photograph. The website where stock photos are sold has a strict policy and will not allow anyone to just copy their pictures without paying. People think its as easy as right clicking on the photo and saving them to their computers but the task cannot be done. Payment is required before you can do so. Everything now is for sale so you can bet that you cannot get a stock photo for free. The thing with anything free is that the quality is never as good as the ones you purchase and the same goes for stock photographs. The worse the photo looks, the lower the price is and some may be even given out for free because no one would ever pay for such a bad quality of photographs.The Beginner’s Guide to Photography

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