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Cure for Balding Heads

There was an answer found for people who have the problem of hair loss. It is a non-surgical treatment for the condition, called low level laser therapy. In truth, this technology is not so new. It was already in use as far back as fifty years ago, for treatment of conditions such as chronic pain, among others. What the doctors noticed back then was that as it helped the patients with their specific problems, it had the side effect of causing hairs to increase in growth. Cancer was seen as one of the effects of using the laser on humans. To find out if this was the case, low-level laser was applied on mice, which had instead hair growing on the targeted areas. It was an accidental discovery that would not be seen as useful until much later.

It is still unknown how low-level laser therapy can increase people’s hair growth rates. There is the idea that maybe it does this by increasing the amount of blood that flows to those areas under treatment. Others believe it is the transfer of light energy straight to the cells of the hair that causes an increase in hair growth rates. Another thing to note is that this therapy will not work in an area that has gone completely bald. There is also need to stay on constant therapy to maintain the effects.

You will find two types of the low-level laser therapy products to choose from. There is the type that can safely be used at home. This type has made it possible for people to take their treatments from home. The only drawback to it is the fact that it will lack the complete intensity and coverage to get the job done properly, unlike the other type. The other type on the other hand can only be used at the doctor’s office. It gives forth a lot more energy and coverage. You however have to be ready to make the constant trips to the doctor’s office for treatment. It is still unknown which of the two is the best method to use.

Low level laser therapy has been found to be good for patients who suffer from androgenic alopecia, irrespective of the fact that they are men or women. It is unfortunate that for all its effectiveness, it cannot treat cases of people who have already gone completely bald. It works best for thinning hair instead. Depending on whether it is home or office treatment, you will have to go through some distinct procedures. And as much as there is no clear winner, they are both helpful in what they were designed to do.

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