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Facts About China

China is a state that is positioned in the Eastern region of Asia.Its large population of 1.4 billion people makes it the highest populated country in the world.China has been recognized to be the second country for having a hefty land area that supports the growing of various crops as well as residential land for the people.It utilizes jurisdiction over a total of 22 provinces, and is under the governance of the Communist Party of China.China consists of five sovereign sectors, four of them being Chongqing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Beijing.

As one of the first worlds civilizations, China appeared from a fertile basin in the North China Plain.In the early ages, the political system of China was controlled by dynasties, or rather; hereditary monarchies.The hereditary monarchy system was put to a halt by the Republic of China (ROC) in 1949.Since the introduction of economic reforms in China, its economy has experienced a considerable growth.The economy of China was ranked as the best in 2016 as its purchasing power parity was highest.In reference to trade, China makes the most exports in the world, and takes second place for making the most imports.

China is a country that is recognized for having some of the most powerful nuclear weapons as it also has the largest army in the world.This facilitates the high defense budget that it has.The United Nations acknowledge to have China as part of the movement as it highly impacts in the undertakings of the world.Other organizations that have China as one of its members are the WTO, BRICS, BCIM, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, G20 and APEC.

Since 2001, China has been a member of several world based organizations.It has made a huge impact in creating free trade areas in the Asia-Pacific region.In the year 2000, the United States Congress agreed to the standard trade requests from China.This allowed the Chinese exports to get into the United States at similarly low rates as majority of other countries.This triggered some US politicians who made claims that the Yuan had more value than claimed to receive the special treatment they were getting.

China, and the United States of America, highly benefit from each other due to their trading activities with each other.The collaboration of China with a number of African nations is also making an impact to the country’s economic state.As China is a great trading partner with different countries all the world, its collaboration with some of the most influential South American nations has resulted in the development of the country as a whole.

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