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About Epoxy Flooring Epoxy flooring is known as the way of sealing and protecting your concrete floors in your house. The functions of the epoxy coating is to prolong the life of your floor as well as give a great look to your floor. For several decades, epoxy preparations are necessary to the building industry. It is commonly used in applying on the floors. Here are some reminders that you may not know about these epoxy floor coatings: 1. Epoxy resins are the best ingredient that make it become high quality performing epoxy coatings. These materials are the center of quality formulations like the top coats, sealants as well as epoxy based primers. These resins provide high performance on finishing the floors, protecting the coats, waterproofing and also resisting damages on the paints. 2. There are a lot of varieties of surfaces wherein you can apply these epoxy coatings. There are certain floor applications for certain coating systems depending mainly on the kind of material used for the surface. Epoxy floor coatings are on of the several systems that can let your concrete, steel and other kinds of surfaces make it work.
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3. These epoxy resins are becoming nearly impermeable because of their molecules that are cross linked. To produce these cross linked epoxies, the unique chemistry between the compounds of these epoxy resin should be exposed to amines for it to create the reaction that result to this production. This results of having a highly resistance against water, air intrusion and any kind of chemical.
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4. You can also mix epoxies with other kinds of materials to have higher quality performance. Some of the most commonly used coating systems made with epoxy are the epoxy amine, epoxy sulfide, aliphatic epoxy, and hybrid epoxy systems. In using the epoxy amine system, you can reach in obtaining a glossy like surface and have better adhesion. You can also use alkyds and acrylics that work nicely with epoxy coating systems. Epoxy floor coatings can also safeguard floors that are heavy duty. There are a lot of kinds of damages an epoxy coatings can resist from. Because of this, they are commonly put on areas that are always exposed to substances that causes damages such as manufacturing plants, airplane hangars, warehouse floors, and more. These epoxy coatings have an outstanding adhesive characteristics. Due to this, it can make the floors remain completely intact and in very good shape for longer span of time and also even under great amount of physical loads. In cases of fire, epoxy coatings are very good in delaying the spread of fire. When exposed to extreme heat, there are several epoxy floor coatings that comprise pigments that increase in size rapidly. Because of this, the expansion creates a thick barrier protection that prolongs enough to extinguish the fire.

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