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Incredible Books That You Can Read

Reading provides numerous benefits and one of it is keeping you informed of several things that might new to you or not at all. Whatever genre of literature you are reading, an autobiography, fiction and more, one thing is in common and that is you get the privilege to experience what other people tried or done in their life. Undeniably some books are just so fascinating in such a way that it stays with you for a lifetime, whether you relocate to another place they are also packed along with your other things. There are also books that will lift your spirit and make you happy for a while. There also books that gets more appealing the time you reread it. Here are some of the books that is worth a second look.

The first one is entitled The Sixteenth Round written by Rubin Hurricane Carter.

The author of this book was actually a boxer. During his time, discrimination is widespread, people are so engross with the societal view on skin coloration. He committed some minor crimes before, which puts him in and out of jail, the first one is when he protected his friend, eventually he made a living out of the environment that he had been exposed to. If you want to survive, you need to fight back. Things didn’t stay chaotic in his entire life as a matter of fact some things starts going in the right way until she met the woman that became his wife. However, there was one event that was every unfortunate in his life; he was convicted for a crime that took place after a night out. He was accused as one of people involve in some nasty robbery.

The description of the criminal was a black man in a nice car, you can say that the description is not that clear but then again he was convicted for the said crime. This book was written during the time when he was trying to prove his innocence. There is more to this book that will encourage you to take a look at it the second time around. About 15 years later, there was a film dedicated about his life. There was this one boy who has read the book that he had written. This was the first book that he had read so far.

He was so inspired by the story that prompted him to communicate with Rubin. Along the way he was able to convince his family to help Rubin’s family and fight for his freedom. When the corruption and lies of the police force were discovered he then gained his freedom. Books can somehow change the course of your life moreover if you are able to watch the film you’ll feel empathy and other emotions.

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